Temperature Sensors

Types of Thermocouples : 'K' (Chromel - Alumel ) ,'J' (Iron- Constantan). 'T' (Copper-Conslantan), 'E' (Chromel- Constantan), 'R' (Pt-Pt-13%-Rh) ; 'S' (Pt-p 10%-Rh), 'B' (Pt- 13%-Rh-Pt-6%-Rh) in Simplex. Duplex and Triplex.
Types of Resistance Temperature Detectors : Pt-50, Pt-100, Pt 500, Pt-1000, NI-100, Cu-2000 in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex.
Types of Insulations : Ceramic Insulation and Mineral Insulation.
Types of Junctions : Grounded, Ungrounded (Isolated),
Types of Sheaths : Mild Steel, SS-304, SS-316, SS-310. SS- 446. Inconel -600, Inconel - 800. Titanium. Cast- Iron, Nickel, Ceramic (610), Recrystlised Alumina (KER-710), etc.
Shapes & Sizes : As per your requirement or application.
Mounting Accessories : Thermocouple and RTD connectors, BSP / NPT / UNF/ Metric threaded Male Female adjustable ferrule fitting in Mild Steel / Stainless Steel-304/316/Brass etc. All type of flanges available as per standard table and as per your requirement or application considering pressure in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless

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Temp.range in C
Type of Thermocuple
Resolution in C
-40 to 760
'J' (Iron-Constantan)
- 40 to 1260
'K' (Chromel-Alumel)
- 184 to 371
'T' (Copper-Constantan)
- 50 to 1741
'R' (Pt-Pt-13%-Rh)
- 50 to 1767
'S' (Pt-Pt-13%-Rh)
- 200 to 550
(100 othms RTD Pt-100 Bullb)

Digital RPM Indicator / Controllers

Alarm Annunciator

Specifications :
Microprocessor based 8 / 16 /32 channel Alarm Annunciator accept input from potential free contacts, power supply available 230VAC or 24VDC or customer specify flashing rate 55/60 flash per minute, front key switch available for ACCEPT and TEST as well same function is available on back panel for remote operation, additional power contact through relay is available for alarm signal to connect warning light / hooter etc.

Alarm Annunciator
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