Thyristorised Power Controllers


For the electrical heating system to control the temperature at the set point by switching contractors has many disadvantages, such as wear and tear, limited life of contractor, noisy operation. Besides these it has limited accuracy due to limitation of speed of operation, hence loss of power. All above mentioned disadvantages are eliminated by STC Thyristor Controller.


• All types of Electrical Heating Systems.
• Infrared Ovens.
• Vacuum Brazing Furnace.
• Continuos Annealing / Bell Furnace.

Salient Features
• From medium to higher capacity or single / three phase load
• Sturdy and Rugged Design.
• Facility of Local and Remote Operation.
• Good accuracy over full range.
• Better external noise immunity.

Standard Protections

• Built-In
• Adjustable over current limit.
• dv / dt protection by RC snubber.

General Specification
Single/Three phase AC 50 Hz.
0-95% of rated input. (lockable 50-100%)
Control Signal
Local-Multiturn potentio mete
Ambient Temperature
45°C Max.
Standard Capacities
Single Phase up to 10 kw    
Three Phase up to 200 kw    

Thyristrised Power Controller