Vibratory Feeder Controllers

For Bowl / Linear feeders New Advance Version constant voltage, Constant frequency controllers for smooth vibration and constant feed rate irrespective of change in supply voltage and frequency for Genset application.

Frequency Adjustment for DCVCFSI-L :

Users can adjust output frequency of the controller to best vibration frequencv of the vibratory feeder to get smooth, quiet and energy saving feed effect.

Max Adjustable Output Voltage for DCVCF31-L :

Max Adjustable Output Voltage can be preset to protect the vibratory feeder from damage caused by high voltage.

190 x 55 x 100

190 x 55 x 100

Features :

Automatic Voltage Regulation :
Eliminate feed speed variation caused by mains voltage fluctuation.

Soft Startup :
In order to avoid sudden shock to the feed material and vibratory feeder, the controller can gently increase output voltage from 0 to the preset value when start up.

Over Current Protection :
if output current exceeds its rated value by mis-operation, the controller will stop its output to protect the controller and the vibratory feeder.

Over Heat Protection :
lf internal temperature of the controller gets too high, the controller will stop its output to protect itself.

Short-Circuit Protection : lf output of the controller is short-circuited, the fuse inside the controller will be blown to protect the controller and vibratory feeder from further damage.

Remote ON/OFF Control :

The controller has 2 groups of 0N/0FF control ports. Switch sensor or PLC can be connected to them to turn on/off the controller.

Remote Speed Control :
Output Voltage of the controller can be adjusted remotely by an external potentiometer, a PLC, or a 1-5V DC signal

Item Range Unit Description
Min Max
Input Voltage 85 260 V AC RMS Value
Output Voltage 0 260 V Less than Input Voltage
Output Current 0 5 A -
Output Frequency for DVC21 50/100
Mains Frequency is 50Hz
Mains Frequency is 60Hz
Output Frequency 40 400 HZ DCVCF31-L
Output Waveform Sine   DCVCF31-L
Output Waveform Tangent Sign - DVC21
Voltage Adjustment Accuracy 1 V -
ON/OFF Delay 0 20 S -
ON/OFF Delay Accuracy 0.1 5 -
Soft Startup Time 0 10 s -
DC Control Output Voltage 22 26 V -
DC Control Output Current 0 200 mA DC Output associated with
ON/OFF Control
Standby Power Consumption 1.5 3 W -
Display Method 5   digit LED Digital Tube
Control Method 1-5 V Remote Speed Control Volt
Standard TT - Switching signal

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